Our offer



‍We design and produce original lighting installations based mainly on LED solutions.

We are a team of creative designers and engineers who plan each step of the realization, optimizing production time and budget. Take advantage of the fos.design experience and design your lighting installation with us.

We realize projects according to a precise, step-by-step plan:

1. Analyze– evaluation and analyze of the project’s potential. Determining the possibilities and threats.
2. Project – preparation of a conceptual and executive project.
3. Pricing – estimating budget, analysis of the installation’s maintenance costs.
4. Production – production and assembly of elements in our production hall.
5. Installation – installation is carried out by our team or it is done by an external company under our guidelines.
6. Service and maintenance – we offer service and maintenance of our installations.


Create your own space using fos.design products. We present lighting devices for rent, which our team can provide even on the same day.

We offer:

LEDshape – digital LED profiles


LIGHTbox – soft light digital LED panels


All products are equipped with a dedicated control system, a cabling system and appropriate assembly systems. We offer equipment rental or equipment rental with assembly and service.




If you already have an installation project you want to build, we are ready to implement your idea.

We build installations for indoor and outdoor use. Our products are made using many production processes, such as 3d printing, laser cutting, turning, milling, welding, soldering.
We create our printed circuits and program AVR systems. We design in 3D, 2D and create technical documentation.