Stary LIVEform


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Lighting panels that allow you to display your own animations and graphics.



Patterns: 10 trendy patterns or own shape


Panel sizes: 1000 mm x 1000 mm or 2000 mm x 1000 mm



Made in the European Union


Their minimalistic performance and the possibility of animation will be great in any space. Both in modern industrial and retro style.



An extensive palette of designs and the ability to design custom shapes and sizes allows you to adapt them to the needs of each place.



Each of the led panels has a built-in set of animations that will allow you to customize them to your needs.


The LIVEform system is perfect as an element of architectural decoration.



Depending on the nature of the space and its size, it can be a great source of stylish lighting or highlight details.



Use our multimedia player dedicated to the LEDshape system and change the atmosphere in the rooms with one button.




The panels can be attached to the wall, placed on the ceiling or grid.



You can screw together modules of different sizes and patterns to create massive LIVEform installation.



Each LED panel has mounting brackets included for attachment to the wall.


Use an advanced control system to create breathtaking lighting installations. Control via the ArtNet protocol.


The controller works with most of the mapping software available on the market, for example: Resolume Arena or MadMapper.


For less demanding installations you can use basic system that does not require the use of a computer to control.


You no longer need to use a computer for building permanent installations, use our animation player and enjoy trouble-free operation.




The system works similarly to the LED screen but has a smaller resolution of the displayed image and is characterized by the lack of visible pixels.



Aluminum construction makes the elements very light.



Build lighting installations without the need for additional substructures.


Download LIVEform catalog:



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