About us

fos means light in Greek.

In each implementation of fos.design, we try to understand the nature of light, space, and emotions and represent it using our technology.

We specialize in creating engaging, often monumental installations built of LED technology. We are the first choice for anyone looking for a technical partner to make even the most revolutionary ideas related to space design real.

Scenography, visual arts, events, advertising, architecture are, among others, areas where fos.design installations bring unprecedented experiences.

.creative process

fos.design is a team consisting of artists, designers and engineers. We are looking for challenges in each of our works. We design using modern technology, creating bold ideas with full awareness of the production processes. We implement projects comprehensively – starting from the idea, finishing at the setup.  



Installations of fos.design can be enriched with all kinds of sensors, that transforms them into smart objects interacting with the surrounding space. Thanks to this, installations become even more engaging so that no one passes by them indifferently. This is especially important for installations created specifically for shop windows, just to give an example. 



Installations built by fos.design, especially those using light, arouse emotions and affect the senses of viewers.

Our projects

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